Equipment Inventory

A partial list of equipment we have in stock can be found below. If you are looking for something specific that you do not see here, just send us a note and we will try and get you what you are looking for.

*Please note that we have multiple Chemcut modules in the warehouse that can be used to create a custom equipment solution for you.

Hakuto Entrance.jpg

Hakuto 630 up

Great second hand cut sheet laminator. Lots of new parts, new glass & new hot rollers.

Fully tested and running in perfect condition.

Will not last !

Chemcut 2200 Etcher.jpg

Chemcut Etcher

Chemcut model SA2315 etcher.

Excellent small format etcher that would be great in a laboratory or for small part chemical mill company.

Pola e Massa Scrubber.png

Coming soon!

Pole e Massa scrubber

Large Pump-1.jpg

TMP Vacuum Pump 

High/Low pressure pump unit for TMP press

Glenbrook X-Ray.jpg

Glenbrook X-Ray 

Glenbrook patented x-ray inspection systems create magnified, real-time x-ray images of the broadest range of subjects with the highest resolution and lowest radiation levels.

TCM 30 Live Photo 1.jpg

TCM 24 

Tacky Roll Clean Machine. Available in 24" and 30".

Beuhler 5-1.jpg


Grinder/Polisher with 5 variables speed polisher tabletop and two speed grinder,