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We have an extensive list of both OEM and after market parts for many types and brands of equipment. Listed below is a partial list of our parts inventory. If you are looking for something specific that you do not see here, just send reach out to us and we will try to find what you are looking for.

Click below to view parts under each category.



Model Name: Wheel, Conveyor, TPN, Spoked, Conveyor Wagon Wheel

Manufacturer Part Number: 149895

Advanced West Part Number: AW-01

Description: Conveyor Wagon Wheel with 3/8" Shaft ID, Santaprene, for Developer, Etchers and Chemical Clean Lines. (not for strip line)


Model Name: Gear, Spur, 8P, 15 Tooth, RPP, EXT

Manufacturer Part Number: 044648

Advanced West Part Number: AW-02

Description: Lower drive gear for upper driven roller. Miter Gear, 140191 / AW-04, presses into center


Model Name: Gear , Miter / Spur, RPP, "D" Shaft

Manufacturer Part Number: 140191

Advanced West Part Number: AW-04

Description: Short drive gear that presses onto D-Shaft conveyor rod for the XL, XLi and Sigma Series.


Model Name: Gear, Spur, 16P, 15 Tooth, RPE, "D" Upper Pinch Roller

Manufacturer Part Number: 140409
Advanced West Part Number: AW-06
Description: Gear, Spur, 15 Tooth, RPE


Model Name: Chemcut Misc. Items and Parts

Manufacturer Part Number: misc.
Advanced West Part Number: AW-100-A
Description: Please call toll free (877) 773-4567 to see if we have the part in stock


Model Name: Chemcut Misc. Items and Parts

Manufacturer Part Number: misc.
Advanced West Part Number: AW-100-C
Description: Please call toll free (877) 773-4567 to see if we have the part in stock


Model Name: Door Air Seal, EPDM - 93"

Manufacturer Part Number: 89270
Advanced West Part Number: AW-23-A
Description: XL and XLi Main Chambers and Sigma Top Lid


Model Name: Gear, M, 0813375, 2.0 PVDF, BLIND

Manufacturer Part Number: 610311 / 170077
Advanced West Part Number: AW-30
Description: Blind Line Gear, M., 0813375, Blind *Replaces Titanium Insert 170077


Model Name: Gear, M, 0813375, 2.0, RPE

Manufacturer Part Number: 170000
Advanced West Part Number: AW-53
Description: Gear, Miter, Line, RPE, 13 Tooth, 2" conveyor


Model Name: Box Connector - HEATER Grommet

Manufacturer Part Number: 120525
Advanced West Part Number: AW-54-B
Description: Box Connector - Heater Grommet with smaller hole


Model Name: Wagon Wheel - PP - Stripper

Manufacturer Part Number: 149586
Advanced West Part Number: AW-56
Description: Conveyor Wagon Wheel - Stripper, Polypropylene


Model Name: Gear, Spur, 8P, 11 Tooth, RPP - Roller M

Manufacturer Part Number: 131377 / 176531
Advanced West Part Number: AW-59
Description: Gear, Spur, 11 Tooth, RPP


Model Name: Gear, Spur, 8P, 11 Tooth, RPP .506 5/8"

Manufacturer Part Number: 131313
Advanced West Part Number: AW-63-A
Description: Gear, Spur, 8P, 11 Tooth, RPP .506 ID


Model Name: Bearing, Conveyor, PVC, 3/8" diameter, Elongated

Manufacturer Part Number: 044318
Advanced West Part Number: AW-64
Description: Bearing, Conveyor, PVC, 3/8" diameter, Elongated


Model Name: S Wheel

Manufacturer Part Number: 130985
Advanced West Part Number: AW-67
Description: S Wheel


Model Name: Gear, Miter / Spur, 13T, D shaft, 1.419

Manufacturer Part Number: 600590 / 161800
Advanced West Part Number: AW-71
Description: D Shaft Conveyor Rod Gear, 1.419"


Model Name: INSERT SIDERAIL, 1.870, RPE Top Web

Manufacturer Part Number: 043734 / 044426
Advanced West Part Number: AW-75
Description: Side Rail Conveyor Insert Top, Web
(Please note: If you require the De-Webbed Insert, please order AW-86)


Model Name: Rod, Fiberglass, 3/8 x 33-15/16", D Shaft, Bottom

Manufacturer Part Number: 140265
Advanced West Part Number: AW-80
Description: Conveyor Rod with D Shaft End, Bottom Conveyor


Model Name: Nozzle, 3/8, PVDF, 1.5 GPM, 70˚ Threaded NPT - CONE

Manufacturer Part Number: 073711 / 73711
Advanced West Part Number: AW-83
Description: Main Chamber Nozzle for Etchers and Developers


Model Name: Nozzle, 1/8", PVDF, 5005, Low Flow .5 GPM, Threaded, RED - FAN

Manufacturer Part Number: 047874 / 47874
Advanced West Part Number: AW-85
Description: 5005 Fan Nozzles for Rinses, 1.8", 55˚ .5 pgm @ 40 PSI, now in Red


Model Name: Dryer Blower Filter, Paper Element, Disposable

Manufacturer Part Number: 171864 alternative
Advanced West Part Number: AW-87
Description: 10 micron, Disposable, Metal Mesh, Paper Element


Model Name: 7.5 Super-Charge Blower with Motor

Manufacturer Part Number: 171308 / 135877
Advanced West Part Number: AW-89
Description: Complete Dryer with Super-Charge Blower, Filter, Pulleys, 7.5 HP Motor and Auto Tensioner


Model Name: Block, Bearing, RPE / TI - Conveyor Saddles

Manufacturer Part Number: 170076

Advanced West Part Number: AW-05

Description: XL / XLi Conveyor Saddle/Block, Bearing, RPE / TI


Model Name: Gear, Spur, 8P, 15 Tooth, Roller

Manufacturer Part Number: 087493 / 140411
Advanced West Part Number: AW-07
Description: Gear, Spur, 8P, 15 Tooth, RPE, Roller


Model Name: Chemcut Misc. Items and Parts

Manufacturer Part Number: misc.
Advanced West Part Number: AW-100-B
Description: Please call toll free (877) 773-4567 to see if we have the part in stock


Model Name: Chemcut Misc. Items and Parts

Manufacturer Part Number: misc.
Advanced West Part Number: AW-100-D
Description: Please call toll free (877) 773-4567 to see if we have the part in stock


Model Name: Bearing, HDPE, Oscilliation Manifold Bushings

Manufacturer Part Number: 19748 O-Ring & 19749 Bushing
Advanced West Part Number: AW-27
Description: Bearing, HDPE, 1 5/16M x .946 F.


Model Name: Bearing, Conveyor, PVC, 3/8" diameter

Manufacturer Part Number: 044318 / 012088
Advanced West Part Number: AW-34
Description: Bearing, Conveyor, PVC, 3/8" diameter


Model Name: Box Connector - PROBE Grommet

Manufacturer Part Number: 117111
Advanced West Part Number: AW-54-A
Description: Box Connector - Probe Grommet with .5" hole and o-rings


Model Name: Box Connector - BLANK Grommet

Manufacturer Part Number: 117126
Advanced West Part Number: AW-54-C
Description: Box Connector - Blank Grommet with no hole


Model Name: Gear, Spur, 16P, 15T, D, HA, IN, MODIFIED

Manufacturer Part Number: 140325
Advanced West Part Number: AW-58
Description: Gear, Spur, 15 Tooth, RPE MODIFIED


Model Name: Bearing, Conveyor, RPP, 3/8" diameter, OBRound - Elongated

Manufacturer Part Number: 170542
Advanced West Part Number: AW-60
Description: Bearing, Conveyor, PolyPro, 3/8" diameter, Elongated, Resist Strip Line


Model Name: Gear, Spur, 8P, 11 Tooth, RPP .373 .37310 ID

Manufacturer Part Number: 131371
Advanced West Part Number: AW-63-B
Description: Gear, Spur, 8P, 11 Tooth, RPP .373 ID


Model Name: Linkage, Oscillation, RPP, Linkage, XL

Manufacturer Part Number: 170173
Advanced West Part Number: AW-66
Description: Link, Oscillation, Mod., Spray Bar Oscillation


Model Name: Wheel Conveyor, Small 7/8" Tygon

Manufacturer Part Number: 002814
Advanced West Part Number: AW-68
Description: Small Wheel, .875 OD x .375 ID, Tygon


Model Name: Gear, M, 0813375, 13 Tooth, 1.6 conveyor

Manufacturer Part Number: 179877 / 600789
Advanced West Part Number: AW-72
Description: 1.667" length conveyor line gear


Model Name: Gear, M. 0813375. 1.6, PVDF, Blind, / M, Kynar

Manufacturer Part Number: 610312 / 170077
Advanced West Part Number: AW-76
Description: Blind Line Gear *Replaces 170077


Model Name: Rod, Fiberglass, 3/8 x 33-1/2", Top

Manufacturer Part Number: 0044585
Advanced West Part Number: AW-81
Description: Conveyor Rod, Top Conveyor


Model Name: Nozzle 1/8" Threaded NPT, PVDF - CONE

Manufacturer Part Number: 74911 / 149941
Advanced West Part Number: AW-84
Description: 80˚ .75 gpm @ 40 psi


Model Name: INSERT, SIDERAIL, RPE, TD - No Web - MOD

Manufacturer Part Number: 044426
Advanced West Part Number: AW-86
Description: Side Rail Conveyor Insert TD, Web Removed


Model Name: Dryer Blower Filter, Polyester Element, Washable

Manufacturer Part Number: 171864
Advanced West Part Number: AW-88
Description: Replacement Blower Filter, 10 micron, Washable up to 3 x, Polyester Element


Model Name: Baume Stand Pipe - Tubing, Glass

Manufacturer Part Number: 16269
Advanced West Part Number: AW-90
Description: Baume Sight Glass, 12" length Glass Pipe


Model Name: Gear, Spur, RPE, 15 Tooth, Ext, Half

Manufacturer Part Number: 140326
Advanced West Part Number: AW-91
Description: Gear, Spur, RPE, 15 Tooth, Ext, Half


Model Name: Gear, Spur, 15 Tooth, RPE, "D", MODIFIED Half

Manufacturer Part Number: 140327
Advanced West Part Number: AW-92
Description: Gear, Spur, 15 Tooth, RPE MODIFIED - Half


Model Name: Nozzles, 1/8", 8010, PVDF, 80 Deg, 1.0 GPM - FAN

Manufacturer Part Number: 47874 - 1GPM
Advanced West Part Number: AW-93
Description: 80˚, 1.0 gpm @ 40 PSI


Model Name: Rod, Fiberglass, 3/8 x 33", Non-driven Upper Roll

Manufacturer Part Number: 140265
Advanced West Part Number: AW-95
Description: Conveyor Rod, Upper Roller, Non-Driven


Model Name: Chemcut Circuit Boards

Manufacturer Part Number: PCA 33758 PCA 47885 PCA 12092 PCA 29003 PCA 42504 PCA 46349 PCA 47961 PCA 32789 PCA 46312 PCA 42506 PCA 32769 PCA 28671 PCA 81332 PCA 81843 PCA 74999 PCA 47316 PCA 46782 PCA 48942 PCA 87890 PCA 28681 PCA 46655 PCA 31875 PCA 34923 PCA 43939 PCA 48757 PCA 8
Advanced West Part Number: AW-97
Description: approximately 200 Chemcut Boards in stock. Some new and some used but warranted to be operational. Speed Control, temperature, overtemp.


Model Name: Nozzle, 1/8", PP, 65025, Low Flow .25 GPM, Threaded, Low Flow Flat Fan

Manufacturer Part Number: 05533 / 5533 / 005533
Advanced West Part Number: AW-98
Description: 65025 Flat Fan Nozzles 65° spray angle with .25gpm at 40psi. Polypro. - now in green


Model Name: Pressure Gauge 0 -60 psi

Manufacturer Part Number: Pressue Gauge
Advanced West Part Number: AW-99
Description: Non-metallic, 0-60 psi, 
with double o-ring addapter

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